Compost Awareness Week


Compost Awareness Week

May 6-12, 2013

Join us for a week full of activities, education awareness and events all regarding the benefits of composting and the environmental importance diverting organic waste from our landfills.

This year’s theme is “Nature's Way to Grow.” In nature, nothing is wasted or thrown away. Instead microorganisms, insects and worms breakdown organic material returning valuable nutrients back to the earth, allowing other plants to grow. When we compost organic waste we are following nature’s example. 

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Calendar of Events

Great events at MUN Botanical Garden

Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week with Three Cheers for Composting Family Day at MUN Botanical Garden. Getting dirty and reducing waste is something to celebrate. Bring the whole family to view exhibits, demonstrations, children's compost crafts, activities, nature hikes, and more! 

Sunday, May 5
Three Cheers for Composting Family Program

Daily during Compost Awareness Week, noon to 1pm take in one of the FREE lunchtime sessions on composting or  gardening.  Take in the session and you may win a Backyard Compost Bin!  

Monday May 6
The ABC's of Composting

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8
Getting the Most from your Soil

Thursday, May 9
Waking up your Spring Garden Bed

Friday, May 10
Spring Garden Q & A - Be sure to bring your gardening questions!  

MMSB Educating Youth & Communities

Our waste reduction experts will also be out and about visiting schools and daycares, teaching our youth about vermicomposting, backyard composting and getting our waste to half. 

Monday, May 6
Vermicomposting with Cape St. Francis Primary students

Tuesday, May 7
Backyard composting with Elizabeth Park Elementary

Wednesday, May 8
Vermicomposting with Cape St. Francis Elementary students

Thursday May 9
Compsoting with Topsail Elementary 
Learning to Compost, Train the Trainer session with 28 Municipalities

Friday May 10
Composting with Topsail Elementary 

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